Helicopter EC120 self-flying Hanover

789,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT & e-mail, excl. OUR SHIPPING RATES)

After thorough instruction, you will control the Eurocopter EC120 turbine helicopter yourself with an experienced flight instructor at your side.

Many frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ beantwortet.

Departure airport Hanover

Helicopter in use

Robinson R44


Robinson R44 - currently the best-selling helicopter worldwide. Space for pilot + 3 passengers, all have a window seat. We have one about this helityp Blog post written.

Weight restrictions

  • Per person: maximum 100kg

Eurocopter EC120


The Eurocopter EC120 helicopter from the Airbus Group is a five-seat helicopter from the Franco-German manufacturer Airbus Helicopters. It has a turbine drive and was renamed H2014 at the beginning of 120 to harmonize the name. 

Weight restrictions

  • Per person: maximum 100kg
  • Maximum weight for up to 4 people a total of 300kg.

Scheduled appointments

  It is planned that the two helicopters will be on site alternately.