Training as a helicopter pilot

Private pilot license (PPL-H)

Are you considering acquiring a private pilot license for helicopters?
Or have you already decided and are you looking for a suitable flight school?
Have you ever had a trial flight?
Do you appreciate personal attention and a friendly atmosphere?

Then it is important to choose the right approach right from the start! Regardless of the reason you want to acquire the license to become a private pilot (PPL-H) - be it for the joy of flying, to master the challenge of mastering one of the most difficult aircraft at all or to be able to travel faster yourself later on business. The PPL-H is the necessary requirement and you can complete this license. By the way, PPL-H stands for Private Pilot License - Helicopter, in case you weren't sure about it.

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Requirements for private pilot licensees for helicopters

Unfortunately, not everyone who really wants to be a pilot can. Legislators define clear requirements that must be met before training can begin. Here they are:

  1. Minimum age 16 years at the start of training, 17 years after receiving the license
  2. In the case of minors, consent from the legal guardians
  3. Aviation medical fitness certificate at least class 2, for the commercial pilot license class 1 is required
  4. Police certificate of good conduct document type "O"
  5. Extract from the Flensburg Central Traffic Register
  6. Declaration of pending criminal proceedings
  7. Participation in an "instruction in immediate measures at the accident site" (first aid course)
  8. Reliability check according to § 7 Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG)
Training pilot private license PPL Muenchen R44

PPL theory

  • Air law
  • General knowledge of aircraft
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Human performance
  • Weather science / meteorology
  • Navi
  • Operating procedures
  • Basics of flight (aerodynamics)
  • Radiotelephony

The examinations for each specialist area are held separately at the responsible state aviation authority and are each structured in a multiple-choice procedure.

PPL practice

A minimum of 45 flight hours is required for practical training as a private pilot. They break down as follows:

  • 25 flight hours with a flight instructor, including at least 5 hours instrument flight
  • 10 hours of solo flight, including at least 5 hours of overland solo flight. One of the overland flights must include at least 100 nautical miles and include two landings at different airports

The theoretical training must be successfully completed before the first solo flight over land. The test flight marks the end, during which the standard and emergency procedures as well as a navigation flight are usually carried out and the general knowledge of the examinee is tested in a conversation.

The object of desire: Robinson R44

Training is often carried out with a 4-seat Robinson R44 helicopter. This has several advantages:

  1. Due to the design for 4 passengers, this helicopter has much higher power reserves during training than a 2-seat training helicopter such as the little brother Robinson R22, the Hughes / Schweizer / Sikorsky 300/269 or the Guimbal Cabri.
  2. The R44 is generally larger and therefore has a certain good nature that makes it easier for beginners.
  3. With a view to the time after the training, you can take two more passengers with this helicopter (possibly next to the security pilot).
  4. Since the R44 is currently the world's best-selling helicopter, the charter options are corresponding.

We have also written a blog post about this very common Helityp: In portrait: helicopter type Robinson R44

The ideal Robinson R44 private pilot training helicopter

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robinson r44 helicopter technical data dimensions

Type: Robinson R44
World's best-selling helicopter from Robinson Helicopters
Torrance near Los Angeles, California, USA
Capacity: pilot + 3 passengers

Technical data:
Drive: Lycoming O-540 6 cylinder boxer engine, 245 HP
Cruising speed 210 km / h, maximum speed 240 km / h
Empty weight: 635 kg, max. Take-off weight: 1089 kg
Fuel: 100LL Avgas, tanks hold approx. 180l, consumption 60l / h

Recommended procedure for pilot training PPL

1. Arrange a trial flight
This gives insight into how you feel in the helicopter and whether the chemistry between you and the aircraft is right. Available on many of our 80 locations.

2. Aviation medical certificate
Please do not make any further expenditures without having the certainty that you are in good health in terms of aviation law. By the way, glasses are nowhere near as big a problem as many think. You will find a little more information and a list of doctors released by the Federal Aviation Office who are allowed to carry out the initial examination for fitness class 2 here.

3. Take the first aid course - if it has not yet been completed or there is no proof of it

4. Bring the rest of the documents - see above.

5. LET'S GO!