Helicopter sightseeing flight: give away a great experience

Do you know someone who would like to get into the air in a helicopter? Or maybe you would like to pilot a helicopter yourself? How about a voucher for a sightseeing flight or a flight lesson? Yes, with us you can give away a helicopter flight!

With a helicopter flight you give away an absolutely unique experience. The feeling of slowly taking off and floating is magical and unique. A sightseeing flight with a helicopter is an adventure that will be remembered for a long time - and with it the very special person who made you happy. When do you surprise someone with a helicopter ride? Contact us now.

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Gift voucher for a helicopter tour for Christmas

helicopter round flight christmas gift voucher

Christmas is just around the corner and with it the question β€œWhat am I going to give as a gift? He already has everything!”. Clear answer: Nobody likes socks at Christmas. Things like the new iPhone or similar pass and become normal after a short time - great experiences remain a life long in memory. So give away a helicopter flight – either specifically on one of ours 100 locations or a flexible one Value Voucher. The recipient then has at least 3 full years to make the appointment themselves. Read herewhat our customers said after their flights. We have general information on the subject of β€œgiving away” here put together for you.

What if you don't like the gift? With our extended cancellation period, all tickets purchased from November 21st up to and including December 28.12.22th, 14 can be returned. The XNUMX-day cancellation period is also retained anyway.

The most flexible gift ever: the voucher

Ideal for giving away if you don't know exactly what the recipient would like best. Or you yourself :-) Can be used for everything Heliflieger.com can be traded in.  

50,00 EUR
(incl. 0,00% VAT & e-mail shipping plus. Shipping rate)

Give away the fascination of a helicopter sightseeing flight and make a real impression

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  • Sightseeing flights can be booked for individuals and groups

  • Flying lessons for those who want to fly by themselves

  • Flight simulation in an original Bell UH-1D as a voucher

  • 100 locations in German-speaking countries

  • No age restriction: minimum age of 6 years recommended

  • Booking possible online and by telephone

  • Several ways to pay conveniently online

  • Tickets are valid for up to 4 years

  • Rebooking and upgrades possible without any problems

  • Free advice and ticket dispatch by email

Helicopter flight: a gift that will be remembered

helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss-cockpit-ipad

Some events are so special that they will never be forgotten and will be remembered forever. One of these special experiences is flying in a helicopter. The gift of taking off and going into the air can now be given to a loved one by giving away a helicopter ride. A professional pilot whisks the recipient into the air. Single seats, couples or private flights for up to 5 people can be booked, depending on the location and the helicopter.

Do you want to give away a helicopter flight? These are your options:

Voucher for a helicopter sightseeing flight

  • single seat
  • Couple ticket
    (2 Seats)
  • Private / group flight
    (up to 4 people)

Voucher from 50 euros or desired amount

Voucher for a trial lesson

(30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes)

Voucher for a flight simulator flight

for example in Haar near Munich

Give away a simulator flight near Munich

We're also flexible enough to turn the helicopter ride that was given away into one Simulator flight to change if the recipient prefers to stay on the ground. In our simulator in Haar near Munich, he will then have the opportunity to fly the legendary Bell UH-1D helicopter himself. Because of its distinctive rotor noise, it is also better known under the name "Carpet Beater". Even if you give away this simulated helicopter flight, the voucher holder will first be introduced to the helicopter control in theory and practice. He then takes a seat in an original cockpit with all real controls and is still looked after by our professional pilot. Usually the feeling during the simulator flight is so authentic and thrilling that a sightseeing flight with a helicopter is given away or booked, which actually takes off.

And when do you take off?

helicopter round flights ottobrunn muenchen schloesser helicopter flight 03 Heliflieger.com

Give away a sightseeing flight: That makes an impression

helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss-cockpit-ipad

The sightseeing flight that you have already given away can just as easily be converted into a Flight lesson be converted, in which the recipient takes the wheel himself. Of course, there is always an experienced pilot and flight instructor on board, who monitors the sightseeing flight with a double control. After a detailed briefing, he will also take off and then land. Once in the air, the recipient takes over the helicopter and flies himself.