Fly and control the helicopter yourself

Fly and control the helicopter yourself

Always wanted to fly a helicopter? Take the wheel yourself and take off? We can give you this limitless freedom and the feeling of floating - with flight lessons in a helicopter at one of 80 locations throughout Germany.

If a sightseeing flight by helicopter is too passive for you, take the wheel yourself and take off!

helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-cockpit-mountains-plansee-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-cockpit-mountains-plansee-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss

Do you want to experience the fascination of helicopter flying yourself?

  • Actively take the helm and fly yourself.

  • The flight date and duration can be selected and booked flexibly.

  • The focus of the exercise can be determined by yourself.

  • Almost 100 locations are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • A professional flight instructor will train you in detail at the beginning.

  • He takes off and lands - you fly.

  • He monitors and directs the flight with his double steering if necessary.

  • Helicopter taster lessons are also ideal as gifts.

Give away a helicopter trial flight

helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss-cockpit-ipad

If you want to make a lasting impression with a gift, why not give away a helicopter trial flight next time. There are 100 airfields in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to choose from. The recipient determines the departure date himself. We offer this unique gift in the form of Vouchers for flight lessons by helicopter. If you don't want to fly yourself, you can also choose a sightseeing flight or a simulator flight. Here you will find an overview of our Departure locations.

These voucher options are available to you:

Voucher for a helicopter sightseeing flight

  • Single seat
  • Couple ticket
    (2 Seats)
  • Private / group flight
    (up to 4 people)

Voucher from 50 euros or desired amount

Voucher for a trial lesson

(30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes)

Voucher for a flight simulator flight

for example in Haar near Munich

Fly a helicopter yourself:
All possibilities and requirements

The feeling of taking off in a helicopter, floating and exploring the skies is something very special and cannot be compared to a flight in an airplane. For this reason, it is even more attractive to attend a helicopter flight or to fly directly yourself. We can fulfill both of your wishes.

We offer sightseeing flights at 80 German locations and flight lessons with helicopters at almost all of them. You will receive technical and practical instruction in the handling and control of the machine from an experienced flight instructor.

Until you have the necessary experience, it will take care of a safe take-off and a soft landing for you. The helicopter has a double rudder. So you both have control of the machine.

First you fly in the air yourself. Depending on the flight duration booked, several exercises are then possible. With the pilot at your side, you are absolutely safe at all times and the flight is monitored. There is no clear age limit. 16 years serve as a guide. A helicopter pilot license can be acquired in Germany from this age.

Learn to fly a helicopter in the simulator

helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss-cockpit-ipad

For all those who want to learn to fly helicopters, but first want to become familiar with the matter from the ground, there is a Flight simulator the perfect opportunity to do so. As with flights in a real helicopter, you will receive detailed technical and practical instructions from an experienced pilot and flight instructor. He will also take off and land for you. During the flight you have the controls in hand, operate all the controls and pedals of the helicopter and fly yourself. Our simulator in Munich-Haar, for example, is an original cockpit of the Bell UH-1 rescue helicopter, also known as the name Huey or carpet beater - because of the characteristic rotor noises.