Bell UH-1 Simulator: Control the legendary helicopter yourself

It's the insider tip for helicopter fans who prefer to stay on the ground for the time being: our flight simulator in Haar near Munich. Get into the original cockpit of a former Bell UH-1, the legendary Vietnam helicopter, known from numerous films and TV series.

Such a realistic flight with the simulator is also ideal as a Gift Idea. It is also suitable for all those who are interested in a real helicopter flight, but want to slowly approach the subject in the simulator.


Fly the original Bell UH1-D helicopter in the simulator with the help of a pilot.

129,00 EUR
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Ready for your flight simulator adventure?

  • Flying a helicopter - simulated and safely from the ground.

  • Gain your first experience before you actually take off.

  • Get into an original cockpit of the Bell UH-1D.

  • No prior knowledge is required.

  • A professional pilot will give you technical and practical training.

  • He looks after the flight and provides assistance with take-off and landing.

  • Watching is free - flying along for a small surcharge.

  • Appointments can be made at any time.

How to reach the Bell UH-1 flight simulator

Navi information:
Seidlhofstrasse 3, 85540 Haar
Parking on site

S-Bahn stop Haar S4 main line, underground line U-2 Messestadt Ost.
Bus route 242 to Salmdorf Kirche
Walk to underground 10 minutes, S-Bahn 15 minutes, bus line 2 minutes

Dates for your simulator flight:

Tue - Fri 14:00 p.m. - 21:00 p.m.
Sat., Sun., public holidays 10:00 a.m. - 22:00 p.m.
Appointments are possible on request.

Cult helicopters fly in the simulator

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You have probably already seen one of the helicopters as we have faithfully reproduced them for our simulator. The Bell UH-1D is known worldwide under the name Huey and was also used by the German Armed Forces. The Bell flew its mission in the Vietnam War, which is why it appears in numerous documentaries and films about the events of the time. The light transport and rescue helicopter (Search & Rescue helicopter, SAR for short) is also known and popular thanks to the series “Die Rettungsflieger”, which takes place in Hamburg. In the TV series, the Bell UH-1D is not called Huey, but is lovingly called Anneliese.

Because of the haunting rotor noises of the helicopter, it can be heard and identified from a distance. In our flight simulator, too, you will hear the typical Bell tapping, which has also earned it the nickname “Carpet Beater”.

Flight simulator in an original helicopter cockpit

Here is some data on the Bell UH-1D flight simulator:

  • correct type designation: Bell / Dornier UH-1D Iroquois
  • Classification: Search & Rescue helicopters as used by the German Armed Forces
  • not a replica, but an original cockpit of a former Bell UH-1D
  • with real controls and flight instruments
  • Dimensions of a complete helicopter in the air: 17,4 x 2,8 x 3,3 meters (LxWxH)
  • the diameter of the tail rotor is 2,59 meters
  • realistic simulation of a dome with a 210 ° field of view
  • Top speed 220 km / h (simulated)
  • Space for one participant per flight and optionally an additional passenger
  • Body size: 1,45 to max. 2 metres; Maximum weight: 120 kilos

Our flight simulator is the ideal environment to approach a flight in a real helicopter. Because you take a seat in an original cabin of a former Bell UH-1D. There is enough space in the simulator for a helicopter pilot and a fellow flyer (for a surcharge).

One of our professional pilots and flight instructors will give you technical and practical training and look after you during take-off and landing. During the flight simulation, you have the controls and the original controls in hand. The instruments work authentically and the controls using pitch, stick and pedals convey a realistic feeling of flight. Your flight route is projected onto a dome with a field of view of 210 ° horizontally and four meters vertically. After a short flight time, the flight simulator and reality merge and you have the feeling of really flying.

Helicopter test fly in simulator

helicopter sightseeing flight simulator-munich-bellhuey-self-flying-helicopter-control-experience-voucher-bayern-pilot-flight school

If you got a taste for the flight simulator, you can next take a sightseeing flight in a real helicopter or, with our support, one Control the helicopter yourself. This is possible across Germany at many of the 80 locations. A flight with the simulator is currently only possible in Haar near Munich.

Appointments can be arranged at any time. The times for the flight simulator are Tuesday to Friday from 14 p.m. to 21 p.m. and on weekends and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 22 p.m.

Whatever fits as a gift: The Heliflieger.com voucher

The most flexible gift of all: the voucher in euros

Ideal for giving away if you don't know exactly what the recipient would like best. Or you yourself :-) Can be used for everything Heliflieger.com can be traded in.  

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Accessories for your helicopter sightseeing flight
red model of the r44 sightseeing flight helicopter
A model of the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter, which we use very often for sightseeing flights and is popular worldwide - as a small addition to the sightseeing flight voucher. Very rare. Length about 13,5 cm made of metal.
14,99 EUR 20,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT. Shipping costs)
Climate protection helicopter tree planting
To offset the CO2 emissions, we plant a tree for every scenic flight we operate. You can increase this number voluntarily. Read more
9,99 EUR
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3D pop-up map helicopter helicopter
The slightly different Heliflieger.com gift card (DIN A5) surprises with an inspiring inner life. Handmade. Unfold and take off.
9,99 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT. Shipping costs)
small helicopter flight school book
Author and flight instructor Helmut Mauch explains flying with a helicopter clearly with over 250 drawings. The accompanying texts make it possible to explain aerodynamic facts, the technical requirements of flying and the handling of helicopters very easily. The small helicopter school has now become a standard work.
24,99 EUR
(incl. 7,00% VAT. Shipping costs)
helicopter keychain heliflieger turn key before flight
Our popular key ring - for your helicopter key at home. He reminds of this great flight experience every day. Of course, it also works with your apartment, car or motorcycle key if you don't have a helicopter at hand. Due to its red color, it is particularly easy to find when rummaging through the handbag. And also lasts for a long time thanks to the high-quality workmanship: high-quality linked all around, the lettering is embroidered, the key ring is included and the whole thing comes neatly packaged in a separate cellophane bag.  
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blue helicopter keychain
Our key ring in the blue "10 years greetings from above" anniversary edition. With best regards from above, of course. In case you don't like red that much. Lasts a long time due to the high-quality workmanship: high-quality linked all around, the lettering is embroidered, the key ring is included and the whole thing comes neatly packaged in a separate cellophane bag.  
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