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Typical questions on the topic of helicopter sightseeing flights and helicopter flying trial flights2021-11-03T10:38:27+01:00

Typical questions about the helicopter sightseeing flight

Since most people have not had or do not have much to do with helicopters in their daily life, many questions for us are of course on the agenda. We are of course always happy to answer these questions. Many questions are asked frequently, which we always answer the same way. In the following we have listed the questions that we are asked again and again - including answers of course ;-). Perhaps your question is already included and answered?

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Who can fly helicopters?2020-03-16T11:17:50+01:00

In principle everyone who can get on and off the helicopter. If you can drive a car, you can also fly a helicopter.

What does a helicopter tour cost?2021-07-01T18:20:53+02:00

The costs depend on various factors, but most directly on the duration of the flight and the size of the helicopter. There are also minor factors such as landing fees. Sightseeing flights for one person in a helicopter for several people start at most locations with 20 minutes for € 159 per person. You can find one here List of sightseeing flight locations.

How long is my ticket valid for?2020-04-09T21:00:31+02:00

Tickets from can be redeemed for 3 years at the end of the year in accordance with the legal requirements. A shorter validity may be possible for special offers. As a rule, your purchase price will then remain "active", ie. You can still dispose of the payment amount, but you may no longer benefit from a limited-time offer.

What is the difference between a helicopter and a helicopter?2022-01-10T15:59:28+01:00

Here you could write longer texts, what the difference is exactly. As a result, the answer is very brief: there is none. Except that the word “helicopter” has its origins in Greek and is made up of “helix” (which translates as “rotation, circular path”) and “pteron” (wing). While the term “helicopter” is of course only used in German, the term “helicopter” is used worldwide. Additional terms in German are “rotary wing” as opposed to “fixed wing” (aircraft) - in English correspondingly “rotary wing” and “fixed wing”.

If you've NEVER flown a helicopter before, you should definitely do it once. Or several times :-). Become the Heliflieger at one of our numerous locations. The helicopter and helicopter locations are distributed throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland - you can find an overview here: Helicopter sightseeing flights. There are also offers for Helicopter or helicopter trial flights and both are also very easy give away. Why wait? On what? Come on, fly helicopter with me

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Can I give away or give away a ticket?2021-04-27T13:47:29+02:00

Yes. You can of course buy a ticket and give it to someone. The recipient can then make an appointment Arrange online. He can also upgrade the ticket to a higher-quality flight - for example longer or with several people - or give the ticket to someone else as a gift. It is also possible to fly in a different location. Because has locations throughout Germany, the location can also be changed. Here is the overview of all locations. You can find more information on the subject of "giving away" on our "Helicopter sightseeing flight as a gift"-Page.

Are there age restrictions for helicopter tours?2020-03-16T11:17:44+01:00

Our oldest passenger so far was a lady at the proud age of 100. If you are in a good mood, this is not a problem. A ticket can of course also be purchased for a child. However, a certain understanding of what you have experienced should be age-related, we recommend a minimum age of 6 years. Because a child MUST occupy a full seat in the helicopter, we cannot offer a reduced ticket price for children.

What about health restrictions for helicopter sightseeing flights?2020-03-16T11:17:36+01:00

As a passenger, you should have a normal constitution, be able to get on and off the helicopter without problems and not exceed the respective maximum body weight (depending on the helity type). It is best to ask your doctor if in doubt. Disabilities per se do not have to be an insurmountable reason, it depends on the type of disability. You're welcome contact us. - We are happy to help.

Why are there weight restrictions for passengers on helicopter tours?2021-06-10T09:48:52+02:00

Every helicopter has a maximum allowable take-off weight, which must not be exceeded so that the components in the helicopter are not overloaded and fail at some point due to material fatigue. For this reason, pilots must make various calculations before each flight to ensure that this maximum weight is not exceeded. This weight then includes not only the passengers, but also, for example, the pilot himself and the fuel in the tanks. In addition, additional calculations are made that are part of the flight preparation. The leverage effect determines which passenger is seated with which weight in which seat. Some helicopters also have specifications from the manufacturer. With the Robinson R44, for example, no passenger may weigh more than 130kg - a maximum of 6kg may be added as luggage. How much a passenger is allowed to weigh is stated on the respective location page and on the ticket.

What happens if someone weighs more than the helicopter flight allows?2020-03-16T18:11:59+01:00

Passengers with more than the maximum permitted weight depending on the location demonstrate above-average capacity of the maximum permitted take-off weight - this would no longer be available to the other passengers. The following options are available:

  • You could purchase another seat and take the weight of that seat yourself.
  • For the second ticket, you could also take someone who is very light.
  • You could pass the ticket on to someone who is lighter and who flies in your place.
  • You can upgrade the ticket to a group ticket and use two of the three seats for yourself. And possibly take someone who is very light.

Depending on the type of helicopter, there are regulations from the manufacturer. A body weight of 136kg or more per person is unfortunately not possible for the Robinson R44 according to the company Robinson Helicopters. There are different limits depending on the type of helicopter, which you can find on the respective site page. If you have any questions, just contact us via - we are happy to help.

We gues urgently depend on it, Your weight or that of your fellow passengers if you register them deliberately or even negligently incorrect. The load of the helicopters must not exceed the permissible maximum. Therefore, the weight of the passengers can be checked on site and if exceeded to protect the other passengers and the pilot, this can result in exclusion from the flight and the expiry of the voucher / ticket.

Why do helicopter tours seem so expensive?2020-03-16T11:14:50+01:00

Many factors affect the ticket price:

Acquisition price:
A helicopter is a relatively complex aircraft - not only in the control but also in the manufacture. This technical effort has a significant impact on the purchase price and operating costs of a helicopter. A new Robinson R44 currently costs around $ 500.000. Turbine helicopters can be calculated from around € 1 million.

Every aircraft requires statutory insurance, comparable to motor vehicle liability and passenger insurance. In addition, there is a kind of comprehensive insurance for the helicopter itself. Costs for this are usually € 1.000 per month - depending on the value.

There is a maintenance plan for every Helityp, in which not only oil changes but also precisely defined work and tests are carried out. In addition, most components have an expiry time, ie they have to be replaced after a certain number of flight hours for safety reasons, regardless of whether they really show signs of wear or not. If defects are discovered, these must of course also be eliminated before the helicopter can be allowed to serve again.

The fuel consumption of a piston-powered Robinson R44 helicopter, for example, is around 1 liter of aviation gas (AVGAS) per minute, with one liter costing around € 2,40 (as of February 2020).

The training to become a professional helicopter pilot is around € 80.000 - € 100.000 and takes around 2 years. In addition, there are regular legally required training courses and further education as well as cost-intensive check flights.

Despite these high costs, you can enjoy a great helicopter flight for just a few hundred euros. And for significantly less than for an iPhone. In addition, this experience will remain unforgettable for you - while the new iPhone has not become new in a short time, but has become normal and will soon have to be replaced ...

How safe are helicopter sightseeing flights?2020-03-16T11:15:23+01:00

Commercial aviation in Germany is subject to strict official controls. Registered airlines are regularly checked, the helicopters are maintained according to plan and the pilots undergo a medical examination at least once a year in order to detect and eliminate risks as early as possible. All of mediated flights are operated by professional pilots or registered airlines that are subject to these requirements.

How do I or the recipient get an appointment for our helicopter tour?2020-03-16T11:17:06+01:00

Ticket holders can register on the Appointments page register for an appointment.

Are helicopter sightseeing flights only on weekends?2020-03-16T11:16:52+01:00

Most customers are working and prefer to redeem their tickets on the weekend. In addition, the individual tickets are calculated on the basis of the fully occupied helicopter and therefore additional passengers have to be coordinated. This has the greatest chance of success on weekends. Therefore, at many locations where no helicopter is permanently stationed, are only on site on certain weekends. Offers on the subject of “flying yourself” and group tickets, which can also be used on weekdays depending on availability, are more flexible - provided the helicopter is available there. This can be seen on the respective site pages. You are welcome to send us your appointment requests and suggestions about the appointment request report.

I am only visiting the region for a few days - can I still experience a helicopter tour?2021-11-03T10:35:36+01:00

Please send us one Individual request. We check the availability and let you know immediately. Please note that prices for individuals are calculated on the assumption that all seats are filled. So it may be that only the entire helicopter can be chartered on your desired date, even if you do not occupy all the seats.

Are helicopter tours carried out in any weather?2020-03-16T11:16:37+01:00

A clear “no”. Helicopters need certain visibility to be allowed to fly. In addition, we do not necessarily fly in any weather that we should be allowed to. The pilot collects a special flight weather report every day of the flight and can decide against a flight at any time for safety reasons. If a flight cannot be carried out due to bad weather or other conditions, the tickets remain valid and a new date is agreed. Light splashes of rain, on the other hand, don't bother us as long as visibility is good overall. A blue sky without a single cloud is quite boring to be honest. Most sightseeing passengers look down and not up anyway.

What time do the sightseeing flights take place?2020-03-16T11:16:44+01:00

You will receive information about your departure time in most cases a few days before the appointment. Only then will we know which flights are actually taking place and whether the weather is likely to be good or whether we will be put off. In the worst case, you will be notified by phone on the same day as soon as it becomes apparent that the appointment cannot be held. It is therefore important to provide your mobile number.

Where does our helicopter tour start from? Is there a cafe?2020-03-16T11:16:30+01:00

Most of them airfields in the federal territory are airfield cafes. Sometimes there are really good restaurants there. You can find out in advance about the gastronomy at your place of departure via the Internet.

What happens if the helicopter drive fails?2020-03-16T11:15:05+01:00

First of all: That happens extremely rarely. Then we do not fall "down like a stone" - as is widely assumed. The pilot then initiates the "autorotation" - which means "the rotor continues to rotate on its own". The main rotor is further driven by the air flow coming from below, which means that the helicopter remains maneuverable and can be “sailed” and landed in a targeted manner to an open area. Due to the principle of autorotation, autogyros can take off and fly in the first place. The autorotation also rotates the maple seeds falling from the tree. Disadvantage: You only have one attempt. This is why professional pilots practice this and many other maneuvers at least once a year in order to be prepared for the very unlikely emergency.

Can I exchange my sightseeing flight ticket for a longer flight?2020-03-16T11:15:31+01:00

Yes, your voucher can always be rewritten for a higher-value ticket. Also to a higher value in another location.

Can I get sick of flying a helicopter?2020-03-16T11:15:38+01:00

Difficult to judge, in theory, yes - even watching the daily news can sometimes be bad. However, the helicopter is a very good-natured aircraft that does not react as strongly to possible turbulence as small aircraft - also called fixed-wing aircraft (e.g. Cessna). This means that the risk of nausea is much lower. It happens very rarely that a passenger gets sick, but not never. What we hear from our passengers 99% of the time is: "It was much less shaky than we thought".

Can I take photos or film during the helicopter flight?2020-03-16T11:15:46+01:00

With pleasure. If you turn the flash off, it will not be reflected in the glass. The mobile phone should be set to flight mode if possible so that it does not beep in the headphones when searching for signals.

Is it very loud in the helicopter during the sightseeing flight?2020-03-16T11:15:53+01:00

It is not quiet 🙂 All passengers are therefore usually given a headset: headphones with a microphone. This not only dampens engine noise, it also enables passengers to communicate with each other and with the pilot. Radio traffic can also be monitored with the tower. Please move the microphone close to your mouth and speak loudly - if you can hear yourself in the headphones, the others will hear you too.

Can we fly over a certain place by helicopter?2020-03-16T11:16:02+01:00

Route requests will be gladly taken into account, provided that this is possible by flying, permitted and can be covered in the booked flight time. If you do not book the entire helicopter, it may be that other guests on the same flight have a different route - we must then come to a common denominator. In this respect, we cannot give any guarantees if you book single tickets - i.e. not the complete helicopter.

What exactly is helicopter flying?2020-03-16T11:16:23+01:00

You fly the helicopter together with a pilot / flight instructor. As with a normal training flight, a double tax is built into the helicopter - similar to the driving school car. First of all, it explains exactly what to do when flying a helicopter on the ground. This introduction does not count towards the booked flight time, but is added. Of course, after 30 minutes or 60 minutes you cannot fly a helicopter completely yourself. But you get a good insight into what it means to control the helicopter yourself - you need a sure instinct!