Helicopter timebuilding - helicopters collect hours

Or just fly with you :-)

  • Do you have a valid PPL-H or CPL-H helicopter pilot license?

  • Do you have an R44 rating and need more hours?

  • Would you like to gain experience and fly to other airports?

  • Would you like to fly under guidance and look over the shoulder of other pilots?

  • ... or just experience sightseeing flights up close?
  • ... or just fly with us as a crew member without a license?

helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-cockpit-mountains-plansee-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss

Then fly on our sightseeing flight days on the ferry flights for a fee to our sightseeing flight locations around Munich. You can write the block time as PIC time, get to know commercial flight days and other airfields in a practical way and we get a contribution towards expenses per minute of block time (corresponds to an hourly price of € 390 net) - a classic win-win scenario, because for this You won't get chartered an R44 anywhere. You can enjoy the day on site or give us a hand. The flight days are usually Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on the location - see table below.

The place of departure in the morning is usually the Jesenwang airfield west of Munich. There is a flight to the airfields

  • Straubing
  • Vilshofen (mostly in combination with Straubing)
  • Muehldorf
  • Leutkirch
  • Landshut (partly simple)

Of course, we can also put together an attractive hourly bundle package for you independently of the ferry flights. Contact us if you have any questions in this regard and tell us what you think about it.

helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-cockpit-mountains-plansee-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss-cockpit-ipad

Planned flights

You can be informed by email when the list of available flights is updated: