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A wonderful experience

Bernhard Soukop, Fürstenfeldbruck
I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely helicopter flight. All my friends and acquaintances were surprised that I went "in the air". This is really no problem with this pilot, even if you've never flown in any kind of aircraft. And as I said, I'll fly with you one more time. Thanks for everything and continue to have a good flight.

Everything is just right here!

Thomas Kakalik, Siegelsbach
With this sightseeing flight over the Ammersee, Neuschwanstein Castle, Füssen, the Zugspitze, past Garmisch, along Lake Starnberg and Munich, EVERYTHING was offered that Bavaria has to offer as top sights. Fantastic weather, wonderful distant views and a clear sky gave me an absolute highlight. Our pilot flew absolutely confidently and safely at all altitudes. As a Neuschwanstein fan, he treated himself to an extra lap around the castle, for which I am very grateful.
I can only warmly recommend this experience to everyone. Treat yourself to such a top event. I was able to get to know Mr. Schepanek in a few preliminary discussions and then of course on the day of the flight and I must say without exaggeration that both pilots, Mr. Brantz and Mr. Schepanek are really nice and friendly "comrades".
Thank you for that too! :-) If you can't decide from different offers, I definitely recommend: Fly with " “!!! EVERYTHING is right here! :-)

A professional when it comes to people - organization - professionalism

Thomas Dietl, Kirchseeon
I got to know Mr. Schepanek as a client in a project. When I was looking for a present for my wife, the paths led again when I saw that he was now doing his passion (helicopter flying) commercially. The then unknown has become an acquaintance, the initial distrust has become a very great trust. Mr. Schepanek is a professional when it comes to people - organization - professionalism. We will be very happy to keep in touch with him and would blindly trust him with my children on the next flight.

A wonderful experience

Ruediger Geuppert, Weilheim
The helicopter flight with was a wonderful experience.
The view of the landscape is incomparable and the experienced pilot Dirk Schepanek ensures a smooth and smooth flight. One of the most enjoyable ways of getting around I've ever experienced.

A very special experience ...

Robert Berger, Zorneding
A very special experience that is sure to be repeated. Mr. Schepanek deals with his customers, takes care of everything and offers unforgettable impressions from a 'bird's eye view' in a pleasant and safe atmosphere.

I can only recommend

Ralf Altmeyer, Kaufering
My partner and I had a wonderful helicopter tour.
I can only recommend. Safe, friendly and customer-oriented pilot.

Very individual and personal.

Paul Privler, Graefelfing
Thank you again for the wonderful trip. Was really an unforgettable experience. Great instructions and information. Makes the excursion very individual and certainly more personal than the competition, which relies more on “mass processing”.

It was fantastic!

Patrick Blume, Munich
I can only recommend a sightseeing flight with Dirk Schepanek - he is an excellent pilot and my family felt very safe, even though it was our first helicopter flight. It was fantastic!

Reliable and conscientious pilot Mario Helkert, Kirchasch
I got to know Dirk Schepanek as a reliable and conscientious pilot. He prepared meticulously for the flight, explained all safety-relevant things to the passenger in detail and well, and always gave the feeling that everything was under control….

A fabulous gift idea ...

Marianne Lutzeier, Moorenweis
I would like to thank you for the smooth flight and the associated safe feeling. So we could enjoy the billions of wonderful impressions 'above the clouds' to the fullest. It was definitely not my last flight in a helicopter. A fabulous gift idea that also fits wonderfully under the Christmas tree!

If fly, then only with

Karina Schiwietz, Seefeld
A big thank you to our equally charming and accomplished helicopter pilot Dirk Schepanek, who gave us a special experience with the special campaign “Heliflug for the 5-Seen-Stammtisch”. Presumably, I am also speaking from the heart to all those who “only came to look” and then flew with them themselves. Despite fear of heights and the fear of flying! That alone speaks for itself. But the sympathetic way in which every single function in the helicopter was explained to you and every curve flown was announced in a stomach-friendly manner, has to be emphasized again at this point. If you fly, then only with you So we floated butter-softly towards the Alps, which we felt were within reach, while sheep, horses and cows were grazing beneath us and the magnificent play of colors of the autumn forests lay at our feet. It is not without reason that it is said that only flying is more beautiful! All in all: gladly again anytime!

Thank you for the pleasant and unforgettable feeling

Jessica Leiber, Gauting
I saw Dirk as an absolutely correct pilot and found it very helpful that everything was explained so well to me and my children. This made me feel very safe and was able to enjoy the flight over the landscape to the Ammersee and the wonderful view of the mountains. I watched a film about Australia in the evening and was able to see and feel the flight pictures in a different way. Thank you for the pleasant and unforgettable feeling. That was definitely not my last flight. Many thanks to Dirk Schepanek.

It was a real treat

Jan Schultz, Gilching
With a splendid view, I was allowed to look at my home from above. The mountains were within reach and the cloud moods were fantastic. After an interesting briefing from Dirk Schepanek, the air was gentle and soft. It was a real treat.

We had a lot of fun ...

Hera Rauch, Munich
The experience of flying around the Ammersee with my girlfriend Martina and Dirk was fantastic. Despite a strong wind, Dirk led his helicopter perfectly across the country, we felt the strength and the safe hand of the pilot. It was a lot of fun and I am sure that we will take the helicopter up again soon.

The true highlight of my business trip

Emily Walker, Washington DC, USA
The true highlight of my business trip to Munich was my heli ride with Dirk Schepanek. There is no better way to see the majesty of the city and country than from this altitude. What a humbling experience. I have once-in-a-lifetime memories thanks to my trip with Dirk. I highly recommend the Heliflieger to my colleagues and friends!

A really wonderful helicopter flight ...

Claudia and Michael Sch., Munich
After a hard week's work, the flight was a really nice affair. The pilot was impressed by his calm manner, always explaining everything and being open to questions. He steered his helicopter with a lot of experience and feeling, so that there was no unrest even in the slight turbulence. With good views we were able to experience a really beautiful helicopter flight. Unfortunately it was much too short. For all those who are still considering whether to book a short or long flight, we would like to give only one piece of advice: take the long flight! Many thanks to Dirk for the nice helicopter flight!

A highlight with high addiction potential!

Brigitte Berndt, Munich
Seeing the world from above over familiar surroundings is a very special experience. Upper Bavarian lakes, a view of the Andechs beer garden, along the Isar to the Allianz Arena ... Simply great. But what happens in the helicopter is also astonishing. In short: a highlight with a high potential for addiction!

This experience will remain in our memories for a long time!

Birgit Batschkus, Starnberg
Thank you very much for your helicopter flight! My daughter Laura is “absolutely thrilled” and completely infected by helicopter flying. I also thought it was great that you took so much time to get the passengers in the mood and answer the questions afterwards. This experience will be fondly remembered for Laura and us viewers for a long time to come!

Thanks to Dirk, the pilot, who even made my fearful wife ...

Benedikt Haack, Herrsching
A huge thank you to the organizers and to Dirk, the pilot, who even brought my fearful woman up in the air and down with a smile!