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Indoor skydiving and bodyflying in the wind tunnel

indoor bodyflying skydiving wind tunnel flystation

Indoor skydiving - also known as bodyflying in a wind tunnel - is a wonderful experience for anyone who has always wanted to clear their mind and just let go. In the Flystation you can relax and get your feet off the ground. First of all, you will be welcomed by professional trainers and given detailed instructions. Then the time has finally come: let the fun begin! In the wind tunnel you can really let off steam and let your inner action hero hang out. We enable you, with the help of experienced trainers, to control yourself where you want to fly in the air! Feel like a bird soaring above the clouds or like a superhero flying through the air in the wind tunnel. Everything is possible in our wind tunnel. Overcome your fears, strengthen your body and broaden your horizons. We look forward to welcoming you soon to experience it for yourself.

What is the difference between bodyflying and indoor skydiving?

indoor skydiving wind tunnel flystation

Indoor skydiving and bodyflying are essentially synonyms for one and the same thing: in 1979, the Canadian Jean Saint-Germain, a former army parachutist and operator of various parachute schools, constructed a vertical wind tunnel as a training aid for his students, which should enable free fall to train cheaper while skydiving. This form of skydiving training spread worldwide in the following years and was increasingly developed. She gave wings to what is now known as 'bodyflying'. To fly or fall freely, it needs an air flow with a minimum speed that compensates for the falling speed of the body. This wind speed of more than 180 km/h is generated by forcing air through a grid and up a tower-like tube by a large generator and corresponding air accelerators. The resulting wind tunnel enables active flying after a little practice. Various flight positions and artistic movements can be performed.

And where do I have to go for my indoor skydive?

Munich north wind tunnel