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Helicopter: Quite lifted off

Dirk Schepanek, pilot
Dirk Schepanek, pilot

Welcome and have fun exploring our range of helicopter flights and helicopter flights. You can find reviews of our customers in the Customer Reviews. You will find answers to frequently asked questions HERE. If anything is still unclear about your helicopter flight, I will be happy to help you personally. By phone at 0800-90-900-51 or by Email Address.

Helicopter close by

Heliflieger.com is with 80 locations The Germany-wide provider for your personal helicopter flight or as part of the helicopter flight for your first experience as a helicopter pilot. Sit in the helicopter with our experienced pilots and flight instructors and enjoy the incredible feeling of floating. Then start the helicopter and take off to lofty heights. You are sitting in a flying glass ball and therefore have the best prospects during your helicopter flight.

Helicopter sightseeing flights

helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-helicopter sightseeing flights-heli-flying-yourself

You enjoy the world from above, our pilot flies you.

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Helicopter trial lessons


Experience live how to control the helicopter yourself

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Simulator flying

Helicopter simulator flight Munich Heli Fly yourself

The fascination of flight simulators - today more realistic than ever

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Helicopter flight
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Tickets and vouchers - the special gift

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What our customers say

I would like to thank you for the smooth flight and the associated safe feeling. So we were able to fully enjoy the fantastic billions of impressions 'above the clouds'. That was definitely not my last helicopter flight. A fabulous gift idea that also fits wonderfully under the Christmas tree!

Marianne L., Moorenweis

A huge thank you to the organizers and to Dirk, the pilot, who even brought my fearful woman up in the air and with a big smile back down!

Benedikt H. Herrsching

After a hard week's work, the flight was a really nice affair. With good views we were able to experience a wonderful helicopter flight. For all those who are still considering whether to book a short or long flight, we would like to give only one piece of advice: take the long flight! Thanks a lot to Heliflieger.com!

Claudia Sch., Munich

The fact that the pilot announced, before, during and after the flight every step, ie, everything “that happened”, conveyed a great sense of security. The process and handling of us passengers was very professional in my opinion. Great experience!

Herbert L., Dachau

Well organized and the desired dates are met. - Fantastic view - safe pilot and can say something worth knowing about the landscape

Nicole B., Bremen

Simply sensational! I can fully recommend anyone interested in helicopters! Thank you again for the unique experience!

Barbara Sch., Munich

Nice pilot who answered questions, also good care and explanation before the flight. Very happy to come back Heliflieger!

Martin L., Düsseldorf

It was great and we will remember it for a long time.

Verena St., Freiburg

Flying a helicopter yourself is awesome and is an absolute pleasure with this super friendly and competent team. The operation was conveyed in a simple and absolutely understandable way and with a few and easily understandable illustrations, directly for the absolute beginner. And then we started, with the best support and assistance 🙂 A wonderful and unforgettable experience !!

Katja R., Hamburg

Quick response to questions before, quick delivery of the voucher, wishes were taken into account, nice contact on site, despite some rain, it was a great experience. We were very satisfied!

Rebekka B., Frankfurt

A great event! 20 min. are of course only a little taster (and you'd rather get this for free), but I still found it sufficient to be able to enjoy my long-cherished dream of heli-flying. Despite a slight fear of flying, I felt completely relaxed and safe here. Not a second of unhappiness. Professional handling and nice team. Really recommendable.

Dimitri Z., Augsburg

It was a pleasant flight. The pilot answered all questions in detail. I will be happy HelifliegerRecommend .com.

Marcel H., Wuppertal

It was great fun - thank you!

Jonas Sch., Berlin

Very friendly and good advice, great communication regarding the appointment and a great and very friendly pilot ... all together a great experience.

Susanne E., Nuremberg

Just genius. Great view and great team.

Sabine H., Hanover

Great experiences, very nice pilot. I had the sightseeing flight 5 lakes and Munich. First-class explanations on the go - just a great reminder

Karl-Heinz W., Munich

Everything was great - handling and flight were just perfect! Full recommendation !!!

Siegfried H., Frankfurt

I can only recommend this experience! It was so beautiful and unforgettable. Unfortunately, time flies by. I would do it again anytime. Our pilot was also super nice and we immediately felt comfortable with him. Then there was a little surprise. We are super satisfied and happy with the experience.

Rudi Z., Hamburg

Your way to a helicopter flight

I want to fly helicopters! What do I have to do?

In just 4 simple steps to the dream helicopter flight experience

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Helicopter sightseeing flights

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  • helicopter-sightseeing-flight-helicopter-flight-bamberg-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter-sightseeing-flight-helicopter-flight-frankfurt-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter-sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-rostock-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-hamburg-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-mannheim-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter-sightseeing-flight-helicopter-flight-munich-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-aachen-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-constancy-bodensee-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-bremen-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter-sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-food-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-thuringia-erfurt-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-hanover-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-hanover-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter-sightseeing-flight-helicopter-flight-kassel-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-koeln-bonn-fly-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight helicopter flight duesseldorf-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter-sightseeing-flight-helicopter-flight-berlin-potsdam-flying-gift-birthday-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss

Float on the spot. Then accelerate and take to the skies. A helicopter flight is an unforgettable and indescribable experience that you have to feel yourself. Choose from the numerous for your personal helicopter flight locations. All tickets are an ideal gift, as they are transferable and without a fixed date - the recipient can easily get one himself Date arrange for his helicopter flight. A Voucher is completely flexible and can be redeemed by the recipient for all helicopter flights at all locations.

To the locations

Helicopter flying - what, me ??

  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-cockpit-warning-lights-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-cockpit-view-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-cockpit-view-ipad-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-cockpit-mountains-plansee-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter tour-helicopter flight-allgaeu-neuschwanstein-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss-cockpit-ipad
  • helicopter sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-self-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss-cockpit
  • helicopter-sightseeing-flight-helicopter-flying-mydays-jochen-swiss-keychain-remove-before-flight

Flying a helicopter yourself or better: steering yourself means that you really control the helicopter yourself. After a briefing by one of our experienced flight instructors, we start. You fly the helicopter yourself - completely safely together with an experienced flight instructor at the double helm. At numerous locations we can make this possible for you. The ultimate kick for anyone looking for a special experience. Or want to give away a special experience. The first step: Get our e-book "Why can a helicopter fly and how is it controlled?". Written by Heliflieger.com pilots and flight instructors especially for “pedestrians” - it helps a lot in understanding the helicopter and does not require any previous knowledge.

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Overview of all helicopter locations

Did you know? Knowledge from the helicopter blog

The airspace - almost infinite distances

As a helicopter pilot, I am often asked on sightseeing flights whether I have to register somewhere if I start a sightseeing flight with the helicopter in Jesenwang? This question is usually not answered in one syllable. Most passengers only know flying from the holiday plane. This usually starts from larger airports such as Munich or Frankfurt and not on a small airport such as near the small town of Jesenwang near Fürstenfeldbruck [...]

[: en] Why can a helicopter fly at all? Part 4

"width =" 576 "height =" 374 "/> Figure 3: The early predecessor of the Airbus A380 here on a secret photo [/ caption] Conclusion The low pressure of the air molecules on the upper side of the profile is comparable to an innumerable number of rather weakly pressing fingers, while the higher pressure on the underside of the profile can be compared with as many more pressing fingers. The force resulting from this pressure difference is called buoyancy. If this buoyancy force is greater than the weight force of a [...]

[: en] Why can a helicopter fly at all?

"width =" 576 "height =" 374 "/> Figure 3: The early predecessor of the Airbus A380 here on a secret photo [/ caption] Conclusion The low pressure of the air molecules on the upper side of the profile is comparable to an innumerable number of rather weakly pressing fingers, while the higher pressure on the underside of the profile can be compared with as many more pressing fingers. The force resulting from this pressure difference is called buoyancy. If this buoyancy force is greater than the weight force of a [...]

Helicopter charter and passenger transportation

helicopter-sightseeing-charter-business-event-vip-transport-helicopter flight

"Fly me somewhere, I'm needed everywhere!" - The highway is annoying? With a helicopter, we can get you to your destination affordable - quickly and without traffic jams. Please let us know when you have to go from where to where by helicopter charter, how many people you are and what luggage you have with you - we will be happy to make you an individual offer. As an incentive for your employees, a helicopter tour can be a suitable motivation and wonderful life experience. A helicopter adventure is also a lasting experience for your customers. Talk to us - we will be happy to advise you.

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Helicopter sightseeing flights at your company event


Are you planning a company event such as an open house or a sales event and are looking for an appealing attraction as a customer magnet? We would be happy to organize helicopter flights for your company anniversary or on-site party for your guests or business partners. Or a helicopter flight as an incentive for your employees and business partners. So your event will be remembered forever. Talk to us - we will be happy to advise you.

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