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Heliflieger.com is the leading provider of helicopter sightseeing flights in Germany. Thanks to our experience in our own flight operations, we can give you particularly competent advice. At currently approx. 100 locations In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer you helicopter flight services from the Alps to the Baltic Sea and from the Eifel to the Ore Mountains. Among other things, our passengers appreciate the family team spirit, the personal and friendly advice, as well as the professional and safe execution of the flights. We're passionate about it. That's why we look forward to seeing you! 😃

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Helicopter sightseeing flights

Have you always wanted to take off in a helicopter?
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Would you like to experience a unique and unforgettable adventure? It looks fascinating and also a bit crazy how the thing from helicopter with a lot of noise and wind itself lifts off the ground. And now imagine you're sitting in there. And then you levitate. To the runway. And then it starts - the pilot accelerates, the nose tilts slightly to the ground and the runway rushes through under you faster and faster. And then it goes up - and the world stands still. You fly with the birds in a glass ball. And can admire the world from above. Sounds great? Then experience it! You can not describe it aptly, you have to experience it.

Helicopter self-flying

Have you always wanted to control a helicopter yourself?
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Simply taking off and letting yourself be flown around is not enough for you – or is it? Would you like to experience an even more unforgettable adventure? Then a taster flight is just the right thing for you. After a briefing on how to control a helicopter, you will experience your first flight lesson together with your flight instructor at dual controls. Try out for yourself what the levers and pedals are for - but please be very careful. The helicopter is very sensitive. And if things don't go so well at first, the flight instructor will help you along the way. A bottle of valerian, please.

Indoor skydiving / body flying

Skydiving without a parachute - even in winter!
indoor skydiving bodyflying wind tunnel wind tunnel skydiving Heliflieger.com

I would never jump out of a plane or helicopter. I already have problems with the Flying Fox at the end of the high wire course. But indoor skydiving, also known as bodyflying, is no problem here in the wind tunnel. After getting dressed and instructed, an experienced instructor will show you exactly how it works. And it feels like skydiving, only without a parachute and not so cold. Year-round possible.

Flight simulator

Stay on the ground and still fly a helicopter
helicopter simulator carpet beater bell uh1d vietnam helicopter

Would you rather stay down to earth and save on the budget? Then immerse yourself in the fascinating world of simulators. An original airframe of the legendary Bell UH1-D - the typical Vietnam helicopter - has been converted into a flight simulator and that's exactly what you can fly. Of course, an experienced Vietnam pilot will also help here.

Helicopters fly near you

Where can I fly a helicopter?

Maybe you don't want to drive that far. Or fly over your house? You didn't even know that a heliport is very close by or that you are even allowed to fly over your city? Simply that way? Then explore our list of locations. There's sure to be an opportunity to fly a helicopter not too far from where you live.

Helicopter sightseeing flights nearby

I want to gift a helicopter ride!

My [father|uncle|nephew|aunt|X|Y|Z] has it all!
helicopter flight easter gift voucher

Would you like to give away a sightseeing flight? That is absolutely no problem! You buy the sightseeing flight as a voucher in the shop and give it as a gift - maybe with a small one Add-On/Accessories, so that the voucher does not look so "naked". 100 locations are to choose from. The recipient can then redeem the voucher for up to 4 years by registering for an appointment. Alternatively there is Vouchers from as little as €50 on any flight Heliflieger.com can be counted. It couldn't be more flexible.

Gift voucher for Pentecost

easter gift idea helicopter sightseeing flight

What exactly is Pentecost? In the New Testament, the Acts of the Apostles tells of the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles and disciples as they were gathered in Jerusalem for the Jewish festival. Pentecost Sunday is the 50th day of Easter, i.e. 49 days after Easter Sunday. The German name “Ptecost” is derived from Greek and means in German 'fiftieth day' – hence the English “Pentecost".

Great experiences bond you together and stay in your memory for a lifetime. Why not a shared helicopter sightseeing flight? Either specifically at one of ours 100 locations or a flexible one Value Voucher. The appointment can also be arranged later depending on the preferred time of year. Read herewhat our delighted customers have said after their flights. We also have general information on the subject of “giving away”. here put together for you.

Your way to a helicopter flight

I want to fly helicopters! What do I have to do?

In 4 easy steps to the dream helicopter flight experience
Buy voucher

You buy a voucher – here is one Location Overview.

Takeaway - buy local products as a gift

The voucher is transferrable and can given away .


The holder redeems online and signs up for one Date

To fly!

Be there in time. Have fun and FLYING!

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These service highlights await you on your helicopter sightseeing flight:

  • Free advice from pilots

  • 24h voucher service

  • Book directly online or by phone

  • Pay conveniently online or by bank transfer

  • Flexible appointments

  • About 100 departure locations freely selectable
  • All vouchers can be redeemed flexibly

  • Free voucher delivery by e-mail

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Charter helicopters: the exclusive way to travel

helicopter-sightseeing-charter-business-event-vip-transport-helicopter flight

The Autobahn is annoying and usually completely congested anyway? Then just fly around the traffic jam by chartering a helicopter. We'll get you anywhere you need to go, on time. You can hardly travel more exclusively in Germany. Unlike a regular helicopter sightseeing flight, you are not tied to airports. If there is enough space on site, we will pick you up and bring you back safely. Your customers and business partners will be amazed. Just tell us how many people and how much luggage and we will make you an individual offer.

Spice up company events with a helicopter


If you want to cause a stir with your next company event, how about a helicopter that whisks your guests into the air? We would be happy to work with you to plan a company event that everyone involved will remember for a long time, and spice up your company anniversary, the open house or your summer party with helicopter sightseeing flights. Or what do you think of a company trip in the air as an incentive for your employees?

We take care of the planning and organization and obtain the necessary permits. What you have to provide us is a sufficiently large landing area. A suitable meadow or an asphalt area with enough space for take-offs and landings is required.