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Dirk Schepanek
Dirk SchepanekProfessional pilot, flight instructor, management
Yvonne Fichtler
Yvonne FichtlerAssistance, customer care
Florian Gronau
Florian GronauCommercial pilot, flight operations
Matthew Berenz
Matthew BerenzProfessional pilot, flight instructor
Julian Huber
Julian HuberCommercial pilot
Vanessa Lutz
Vanessa Lutzground crew
Annie Niesel
Annie Nieselground crew
Andrew Schwinger
Andrew Schwingerground crew
Rebecca Schepanek
Rebecca Schepanekground crew
Mario Gasser
Mario GasserProfessional pilot, flight instructor
John Brantz
John BrantzProfessional pilot, flight instructor
Eddie Peyton
Eddie PeytonCommercial pilot AD
I can only recommend this experience! It was so beautiful and unforgettable. Unfortunately, time flies by. I would do it again anytime. Our pilot was also super nice and we immediately felt comfortable with him. Then there was a little surprise. We are super satisfied and happy with the experience.