Helicopter sightseeing flight Mühldorf 30 min

219,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT & e-mail, excl. OUR SHIPPING RATES)
Your helicopter sightseeing flight in the Mühldorf am Inn region starts at Mühldorf airfield, very close to Mühldorf. The 50% longer flight time means that significantly more landscape can be flown over and enjoyed. This allows a close look at the Chiemsee. Many frequently asked questions are raised in the FAQ beantwortet.

* Child ticket:

  • A maximum of one child ticket per sightseeing flight is possible
  • Can only be booked together with an adult fellow passenger
  • Recommended minimum age 6 years, maximum 14 years on the sightseeing flight date
  • Maximum weight 60kg

Departure point of the Mühldorf airfield


Helicopter in use

Robinson R44

At this location, the helicopter sightseeing flights are carried out with a Robinson R44 helicopter. It is currently the best-selling helicopter in the world and has space for pilot + 3 people - so every passenger has guaranteed a window seat. More information about this helicopter type can be found in our blog post "Portrait of the R44 helicopter".

Weight restrictions R44

  • Voucher for one person: maximum 100kg
  • Voucher for 2 people: single person maximum 130kg, together max. 200kg
  • Voucher for up to 3 people / couple ticket: single person maximum 130kg, total 260kg

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