Helicopter HU269 itself control Mönchengladbach

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Your helicopter experience through the Mönchengladbach region in North Rhine-Westphalia starts at Mönchengladbach airfield, very close to Düsseldorf. After thorough instruction, fly the helicopter yourself with an experienced flight instructor at your side. Route requests can be coordinated directly with the pilot on the day of the flight. Many frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ beantwortet.

Departure point for Mönchengladbach airport


Helicopter in use

Hughes 269 / Schweizer 300 / Sikorsky


The Swiss 300C (formerly Hughes 300, 269C) is a light helicopter that is used in pilot training, for observation purposes, police tasks, agricultural operations and in sport aviation. It is equipped with a 4-cylinder piston engine. It has space for pilot + 1 passenger or the flight student.

Weight restrictions R44

  • Maximum weight: 110kg per person and 260kg for 3

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