Helicopter sightseeing flight Würzburg 30 min

219,00 EUR
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Your helicopter sightseeing flight in the Würzburg region in Lower Franconia starts at the Würzburg-Schenkturm airfield, very close to Würzburg. Soar over the Main, Marienberg festivals and take a look at the vineyards and of course the city of Würzburg. Due to the 50% longer flight time, significantly more landscape can be flown over and enjoyed. Route requests can be coordinated directly with the pilot on the day of the flight. Many frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ beantwortet.

Departure point for the Würzburg-Schenkturm airport


Helicopter in use

Robinson R44


Robinson R44 - currently the best-selling helicopter worldwide. Space for pilot + 3 passengers, all have a window seat. We have one about this helityp Blog post written.

Weight restrictions R44

  • Maximum weight: 110kg per person and 260kg for 3

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