Control the helicopter yourself.

69,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT & e-mail, excl. OUR SHIPPING RATES)
Supplementary ticket if you would like to book up to 2 accompanying persons on your existing heli do-it-yourself experience.
  • This ticket is only considered Additional booking for a helicopter fly ticket
  • The place of departure is the same as on the underlying do-it-yourself ticket
  • Possible departure locations: Straubing, Vilshofen, Eggenfelden, Mühldorf, Kempten, Jesenwang
  • The same weight restrictions apply as for a sightseeing flight for up to 3 people: The total weight of the passengers must not exceed 260kg and no single person may weigh more than 130kg.

Helicopter in use

Robinson R44

The helicopter sightseeing flights are carried out with a Robinson R44 helicopter. It is currently the best-selling helicopter in the world and has space for pilot + 3 people - so every passenger has guaranteed a window seat. More information about this helicopter type can be found in our blog post "Portrait of the R44 helicopter".