Helicopter pilot for a day in Munich

2.499,00 EUR 3.000,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT & e-mail, excl. Shipping rate)
Together with one of our flight instructors you will experience a typical day as a pilot. From pre-flight checks to flight and route planning to weather and notam collection, you will learn what every pilot has to do before a flight. You then fly the helicopter together at dual controls as previously planned, for example to Kempten-Durach and land. The past and upcoming flight will be discussed over a little refreshment in the restaurant. From there the flight continues eg to Leutkirch. After the return, the follow-up and documentation as well as a feedback discussion take place. The aircraft will be flown with a Robinson R44, currently the world's best-selling helicopter. Individual flight routes or requests can also be requested.


Appointments for this experience can be arranged individually depending on the availability of flight instructors and helicopters.

Departure from Munich-Jesenwang airport


Helicopter in use

Robinson R44

At this location, the helicopter sightseeing flights are carried out with a Robinson R44 helicopter. It is currently the best-selling helicopter in the world and has space for pilot + 3 people - so every passenger has guaranteed a window seat. More information about this helicopter type can be found in our blog post "Portrait of the R44 helicopter". Further information is from the manufacturer Robinson Helicopter .