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Helicopter sightseeing flights Mönchengladbach
& Heli Trial Lessons

Helicopter sightseeing flights Mönchengladbach
& Heli Trial Lessons

Helicopter sightseeing flights Mönchengladbach & Heli-fly

Helicopter sightseeing flights Mönchengladbach
& Heli Trial Lessons

Dirk Schepanek pilot

Dirk Schepanek, Pilot

Welcome and have fun exploring our range of helicopter sightseeing flights and helicopter flying yourself. You can find reviews of our customers in the Customer Reviews. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at typical questions. If something is still unclear about your helicopter flight, we would be happy to help you personally. By phone at 0800-90-900-51 or by Email. experiences reviews

Helicopter flights Mönchengladbach

Helicopter sightseeing flight for a group of up to 3 people through the region - the flight route can be coordinated directly with the pilot on the day of the flight.

VIP helicopter sightseeing flight from Mönchengladbach for 3

459,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT & e-mail shipping plus. OUR SHIPPING RATES)
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After thorough instruction, fly the helicopter yourself by your side with an experienced flight instructor.

Helicopter HU269 itself control Mönchengladbach

349,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT & e-mail shipping plus. OUR SHIPPING RATES)
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In preparation

The most flexible gift ever: the voucher

Ideal for giving away if you don't know exactly what the recipient would like best. Or you yourself :-) Can be used for everything can be traded in.  

Value Voucher

50,00 EUR
(incl. 0,00% VAT & e-mail shipping plus. OUR SHIPPING RATES)

Christmas gift certificate

helicopter sightseeing flight christmas voucher surprise nikolaus gift idea christmas gift voucher helicopter sightseeing flight flying sightseeing flights surprise helicopter sightseeing flights

Christmas is just around the corner and with it the question “What am I giving for free? He already has everything! ”. The answer is clear: things pass and become normal - great experiences are remembered for a lifetime. So give away a helicopter flight - either directly to one of ours 100 locations , or Value Voucher. The recipient then has at least 3 full years to make the appointment themselves. Read herewhat our customers said after their flights. We have general information on the subject of “giving away” . put together for you.

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Information on departure location, dates and helicopters in use

Mönchengladbach airfield

Dates for Mönchengladbach

Robinson R44


Robinson R44 - currently the best-selling helicopter worldwide. Space for pilot + 3 passengers, all have a window seat. We have one about this helityp Blog post written.

Hughes 269 / Schweizer 300 / Sikorsky


The Swiss 300C (formerly Hughes 300, 269C) is a light helicopter that is used in pilot training, for observation purposes, police tasks, agricultural operations and in sport aviation. It is equipped with a 4-cylinder piston engine. It has space for pilot + 1 passenger or the flight student.

I want to fly helicopters!
What do I have to do??

In 4 easy steps to the dream helicopter flight experience

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A whiskey over Munich? Please speak clearly anyway!

During our sightseeing flights, I like to set the radio in our helicopter so that my passengers can listen to the radio through headphones - for most of them it's an exciting experience. When else do you have the opportunity to experience first-hand these frequencies that normal kitchen radio can no longer receive. Despite whiskey zero per mille On a flight, I wanted my passengers to have a so-called control zone of [...]

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Information about Mönchengladbach and DĂŒsseldorf

Dusseldorf has over 600.000 inhabitants and is the state capital North Rhine-Westphalia - It is located in the center of the 10 million metropolitan area Rhine-Ruhr. It is economically significant due to the numerous resident DAX companies, the presence of banks and stock exchanges and as a trade fair city. Picturesque located on the Rhine Dusseldorf in sixth place in a comparison of the quality of life of 230 major cities in the world. The place of departure is the airfield Moenchengladbach, west of DĂŒsseldorf.

Helicopter sightseeing flights at Mönchengladbach airfield

This page contains information about our offer regarding helicopter sightseeing flights at Mönchengladbach airfield. From here you can fly over Mönchengladbach, DĂŒsseldorf or the surrounding area, for example. Mönchengladbach airfield is currently one of around 100 departure points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for our helicopter sightseeing flights. We have our own page here with one Helicopter sightseeing flight overview about the individual departure locations where you can book a helicopter flight. At some locations, helicopter flying - also called trial flights - is also offered. This is also possible at Mönchengladbach Airport. Please send a Message to that Heliflieger-Teamif you have any suggestions or questions. We already have some typical questions on our "typical helicopter sightseeing flight questions (FAQ)"answered.

After booking on this page you can get one together with your ticket Helicopter sightseeing flight appointment for Mönchengladbach Airport.

We wish a lot of fun
Your Heliflieger-Team

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