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Robinson R44

Robinson R44 - currently the best-selling helicopter worldwide. Space for pilot + 3 passengers, all have a window seat. We have one about this helityp blog posts written. Further information is from the manufacturer Robinson Helicopter .

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Helicopter sightseeing flights Gera

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Dear Heliflieger,

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer flights from Gera-Leumnitz airport. The closest airfields for helicopter sightseeing flights and helicopter flights are:

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Accessories for your helicopter sightseeing flight
red model of the r44 sightseeing flight helicopter
A model of the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter, which we use very often for sightseeing flights and is popular worldwide - as a small addition to the sightseeing flight voucher. Very rare. Length about 13,5 cm made of metal.
14,99 EUR 20,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT. Shipping Rate)
Climate protection helicopter tree planting
To offset the CO2 emissions, we plant a tree for every scenic flight we operate. You can increase this number voluntarily. Read more
9,99 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT. Shipping Rate)
3D pop-up map helicopter helicopter
The slightly different Heliflieger.com gift card (DIN A5) surprises with an inspiring inner life. Handmade. Unfold and take off.
9,99 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT. Shipping Rate)
small helicopter flight school book
Author and flight instructor Helmut Mauch explains flying with a helicopter clearly with over 250 drawings. The accompanying texts make it possible to explain aerodynamic facts, the technical requirements of flying and the handling of helicopters very easily. The small helicopter school has now become a standard work.
24,99 EUR
(incl. 7,00% VAT. Shipping Rate)
helicopter keychain heliflieger turn key before flight
Our popular key ring - for your helicopter key at home. He reminds of this great flight experience every day. Of course, it also works with your apartment, car or motorcycle key if you don't have a helicopter at hand. Due to its red color, it is particularly easy to find when rummaging through the handbag. And also lasts for a long time thanks to the high-quality workmanship: high-quality linked all around, the lettering is embroidered, the key ring is included and the whole thing comes neatly packaged in a separate cellophane bag.  
2,99 EUR 6,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT. Shipping Rate)
blue helicopter keychain
Our key ring in the blue "10 years greetings from above" anniversary edition. With best regards from above, of course. In case you don't like red that much. Lasts a long time due to the high-quality workmanship: high-quality linked all around, the lettering is embroidered, the key ring is included and the whole thing comes neatly packaged in a separate cellophane bag.  
4,95 EUR
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Gera's Forum Info

Gera is an independent city in the east Thuringia. Behind the state capital Erfurt stands Gera by area second and by population behind Jena third in the Free State Thuringia. Gera is located on the Weißen Elster in the hilly country of East Thuringia at an altitude of around 200 meters and belongs to the metropolitan region of Central Germany. Leipzig is about 60 kilometers to the north, Erfurt 80 kilometers west, Zwickau about 40 kilometers southeast and Chemnitz about 70 kilometers east.
Gera was the fabric and Cloth industry one of the richest cities in Germany. Over 100 partly very important city villas (for example Villaschulenburg) testify to the splendor and wealth of bygone days. The city also became a transport hub during the 19th century, as numerous railway lines meet at the main train station. During World War II, from May 1944 to April 1945, Gera was partially destroyed by air raids. After the founding of the GDR, the city became the seat of the newly created in 1952 Gera district. Since 1990, it has also been part of the administration Thuringia and is one of three regional centers here.

Helicopter sightseeing flights at Gera-Leumnitz airfield

This page contains information about our offer regarding helicopter sightseeing flights at Gera-Leumnitz airfield. From here you can, for example, fly over Thuringia, Gera or the surrounding area. Gera-Leumnitz airfield is currently one of around 100 departure locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for our helicopter sightseeing flights. We have our own page here with one Helicopter sightseeing flight overview about the individual departure locations where you can book a helicopter flight. At some locations, helicopter flying - also called trial flights - is also offered. This is also possible at Gera-Leumnitz Airport. Please send a Message to that Heliflieger-Teamif you have any suggestions or questions. We already have some typical questions on our "typical helicopter sightseeing flight questions (FAQ)"answered.

After booking on this page you can redeem your voucher and a Helicopter sightseeing flight appointment for Gera-Leumnitz Airport.

We wish a lot of fun
Your Heliflieger-Team