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This gift makes an impression.

As usual, things have lost their appeal after a short time. But really great experiences are never forgotten. They burn themselves into the memory and we live from these impressions for a lifetime.

Step 1: buy a gift

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First select the location and select the corresponding ticket there. You can pay for the ticket in many ways using our shop system. After receipt of payment you will receive the ticket with the ticket number in any case by email and, if desired, also by post.

Besides Sightseeing flight tickets we offer a helicopter for even more adrenaline Fly your own ticket, with which the recipient can control the helicopter themselves with an experienced flight instructor. Tickets do not have an appointment so that the recipient can choose it themselves. A Voucher is completely free of location and sightseeing flight and can be traded in for all tickets.

Step 2: hand over the gift

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When the big day such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas is finally here, the ticket can be handed over. From here, the anticipation for the appointment begins. The recipient can then make a personal appointment as described on the ticket.

Step 3: make an appointment

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The ticket contains all the information the recipient needs to make an appointment directly on site. This can be done by email or by phone. For Munich, you can make an appointment using our form - you will also find all available appointments there. Individual tickets are usually flown on the days listed there, group tickets can also be redeemed flexibly on weekdays by arrangement.

Step 4: take off and enjoy

[: de] helicopter-sightseeing-helicopter-gift-birthday-christmas-easter [: en] Gift Ticket 10 [:]

After you have received all the necessary information about your flight, you can start. Normal clothing is best, in the helicopter it gets rather warm in the sunshine. In winter we have heating. You can take photos and film as you like.

We already wish you a great flight.

Any questions?

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