Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we have not answered?
Please send us your question via our Contact Form.

How can I book a flight, or give away as present?
Simply book a ticket through our shop and give away as present. The ticket is transferable, and the recipient makes an appointment with us.

How do I get a flight appointment?
Please fill out the appointment request here and receive more detailed information via email.

How long is a ticket valid?
A gift voucher or ticket is valid for 3 years.

I'm just visiting a couple of days in Munich - what are the options?
Please send us a visitor request. We will check availability and reply asap. Please note that flights can only take place with a fully occupied aircraft - therefore we recommend for individuals or groups of 2 who want to fly on weekdays the private group ticket.

Do you fly on weekends only?
Most customers have a day job and prefer to redeem their vouchers at the weekend. Our individual tickets are calculated on the basis of a full helicopter and therefore 3 passengers must be coordinated, which is most likely to succeed on weekends. This does not apply to our offers “Fly yourself” and the private group tickets, which are only subject to availability of the aircraft and can also be used on weekdays. You are welcome to share your appointment requests and suggestions via the appointment request.

Will be flown in all kinds of weather?
No. The pilot retrieves a special aviation weather report for each flight day and can decide at any time against a flight. If a flight is not possible due to bad weather or other circumstances the tickets remain valid and a new appointment is made. Occasional light rain poses no threat as long as the view is good.

Where do we start our helicopter tour? Is there a restaurant?
The departure airfield is at Jesenwang near Ammersee. There is also a cafe which is open most of the time. In the menu item “About us” you will find directions.

Can children go on a helicopter tour as well?
A ticket can of course also be purchased for a child. Some understanding of the experience should be present depending on the individual age. We recommend a minimum of 6 years. Because a child takes a full seat in the helicopter, we can not offer a reduced ticket price.

Is it very noisy in a helicopter?
All passengers get a headset with microphone. Thus, not only the engine noise is dampened, but also a communication with each other and with the pilot made easier. Similarly, the radio communication with the tower can be overheard. Place the microphone close to your mouth and speak loud - if you can hear yourself in your headphones, then the others in the helicopter can hear you as well.

Is it allowed to make pictures or film during the flight?
Absolutely. Please turn off the flash so that it does not reflect in the glass and the picture is good.

Can I get sick during flight?
The helicopter is a good-natured aircraft which reacts to possible turbulence not as strong as a fixed-wing aircraft (eg Cessna). Thereby the risk of nausea is much lower.

Which impact do health restrictions or overweight have?
You should have a normal constitution, be able to board and leave the helicopter on your own and not exceed a body weight of 100kg / 220lbs. Passengers with more than 100kg / 220lbs of body weight use above-average capacity of the maximum authorized takeoff weight - which would no longer be available for purchase by other passengers. Passengers exceeding the limit have the opportunity to book an additional seat or the private group ticket. A body weight of 130kg / 290lbs or more per person is generally not possible.

Can I trade my ticket in for a longer flight?
Yes, your voucher can be credited against an upgraded ticket. Example: You have a coupon for the 20-minute scenic flight (€ 149), but would like the 45-minute flight (€ 299). Please send us an email and we are happy ro help.

How safe is helicopter flying?
Aviation in Germany is subject to strict regulatory controls. Registered carriers are reviewed at least annually, the helicopter is regularly maintained and the pilots undergo a medical examination at least annually to keep any risk as low as possible. Alles flights are operated by commercial pilots and registered air carriers, which are subject to these government requirements.

What happens in case of an engine failure?
We will not ”fall down, like a stone” - as widely believed. The pilot then enters “autorotation”. The main rotor is driven further by the air flow, causing the helicopter to remain maneuverable. It can be sailed to a suitable area and landed. Through the principle of autorotation, eg Autogyros takeoff and fly in the first place.

Why seems helicopter flying so expensive?
A helicopter is a fairly complex aircraft - not only in controlling it but also in the manufacture and maintenance. This complexity has significant impact on the purchase price and the operating cost of a helicopter. Moreover, most of the components have a fixed expiration time, ie they have a limited number of flying hours after which they have to be replaced for safety reasons, regardless of whether they actually show signs of wear or not. The fuel consumption of a piston-driven R44 helicopter is a little more than 1 liter of aviation fuel (AVGAS) per minute, with a price per liter of € 2.65 (as of August 2012). On top of that the training to beome a commercial helicopter pilot is at about € 80,000 - € 100,000 and lasts about 2 years.