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Suitable for your sightseeing flight ticket: The keychain


Keychain for real Heliflieger
Our popular key chain - the ideal addition to the ticket for your helicopter key at home. It reminds of this great flight experience every day. Of course, it also works with the apartment, car or motorcycle key, if there is no helicopter at hand. πŸ™‚

Price: 4,95 €
(incl. 16,00% VAT and Shipping)

Whatever fits as a gift: The voucher

voucher-gift-voucher-helicopter-sightseeing flight-helicopter flight-ticket

"Fly me anywhere - I'm needed everywhere!" Can be traded in Germany for every flight. Ideal as a gift if you do not know exactly what the recipient wants most. Or you yourself πŸ™‚ here Giving away helicopter sightseeing flight.

(incl. 0,00% VAT and Shipping)
Vouchers are exempt from VAT